Cotton Cattle Company


Cotton Cattle Company is a holistically managed farm dedicated to the production of grassfed and pasture raised meats for our surrounding communities.


To produce agricultural products in a manner that benefits the environment and the community to ensure continued sustainable resources for future generations.


Cotton Cattle Company is a holistically managed farming operation dedicated to the production of grass-fed and pasture-raised meats for the surrounding communities. 

Located in Hunterdon County, NJ, in the heart of the scenic Musconetcong River Valley, the farm is comprised of more than 230 contiguous acres of rolling pastures and woodlots. Owned and operated by fourth and fifth generation area residents, the farm lies within the New Jersey Highlands Region, which is a landscape of national importance as determined by the U.S. Forest Service. 

At Cotton Cattle Company we exceed “organic” and “natural” standards by managing our farm in a holistic manner that works symbiotically with the land and the laws of Mother Nature. We practice rotational grazing, riparian buffering and conservation mowing to enhance the fertility of our soils and quality of our water. 

Our meats are free of antibiotics, artificial hormones and animal byproducts to provide a healthy and tasteful eating experience for our customers. The breeds of livestock are meticulously researched and selected by our farm manager to ensure a proper fit for pasture-based farming. 

The benefits of raising grassfed beef are significant, as an animal's diet has a profound effect on the nutrient content of the end product. Grassfed beef contains much lower total fat content than grainfed products and, as a result, is lower in fat and has fewer calories. While grassfed meat is low in "bad" fat -- including saturated fat -- it offers two to six times more "good" fat, also known as "omega-3 fatty acids." 

Black Angus Beef:

Our Black Angus beef are truly a piece of living history. The blood lines of our cattle can be traced back to outstanding livestock from the 1960’s, an era in which their natural instincts enabled them to thrive purely on grass diets without any artificial additives. 

Our cattle also marble sufficiently and yield a very tender, more flavorful experience. The cattle are a critical part of our operation not only for their exceptional meat, but for their ability to rapidly change marginal soils into incredibly fertile biological communities teaming with grasses, legumes and insects that are beneficial to a flourishing natural lifecycle.


We raise chickens that are very different from the typical white broilers the commercial poultry industry markets. Our selection of “Label Rouge” chickens is a European developed breed from France that fits the bill perfectly for our free-range style of production. More importantly, the Label Rouge chickens possess a unique flavor and offer a firm, but tender texture. The chickens are also incredibly hardy, red-feathered birds that are free of the common health problems associated with commercial white broilers as the result of extreme growth habits.

Novellino™ Beef:

Our Novellino™ beef is a product that we developed in response to the cultural stigma associated with consuming veal. Our alternative product is based on the method that we employ to raise our Black Angus beef. The Novellino beef are raised naturally feeding on their mothers’ milk in our open pastures for approximately seven months or a weight ranging between 600 to 700 pounds. 

Our Novellino are never confined or force fed, and as always, free of hormones or antibiotics. As a result of the process, this product is a lean, yet tender, rose-colored meat packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. The reason for the redness in the meat as compared to traditional white veal is because the animal is healthy and receiving the proper vitamins and minerals for healthy development. Traditional veal is actually anemic (iron deficient) hence the very pale coloration. We feel very confident this will be a high quality and healthy replacement for commercial raised veal. 

Novellino is a trademark of Cotton Cattle Company.

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